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A major player in the European market, R&O is active in all distribution channels.

Seafood activities

Key figures
Who we are ?

  • Leading Distributor of seafood products in France (wholesale) and leading player in the distribution of Organic seafood products
    (5% of our annual volume)
  • 33,307 tonnes of fish and seafood sold each year including 95% Fresh and 5% Frozen
  • €248 million in turnover
  • 1,250 employees
  • 20 tonnes of filleting capacity in our workshops
  • Leading global producer of Organic Shrimp with French Agriculture Biologique certification (OSO® Organic Shrimp from Madagascar)

Leading Distributor of seafood products in France (wholesale)

Human resources and environment
People and skills

Training and promotion of our employees form the basis of our dynamism. As a result, the sharing of skills solidifies the R&O team spirit and mastery of advanced technologies. R&O's vertical integration – from the best fish to the consumer's plate – requires us to cover all aspects of the business from responsible fishing and organic farming to filleting, packaging, finance, quality, marketing, distribution and logistics.

As a global business, R&O is a place where women and men from different geographic and ethnic backgrounds work together. We build upon this cultural and social wealth to promote responsiveness, professionalism and a focus on performance, which are sources of progress.