sustainable and responsible fishing

R&O offers a wide range of seafood products - mostly "Fresh" - to meet all tastes, all types of meals and all eating occasions. The company relies on its own sourcing, transit and logistics departments to satisfy the most demanding markets in terms of responsiveness and freshness.

Beyond this diversity, special care is devoted by R&O to several species regarded as “strategic” due to their respective weight in our business.
For these species, R&O has developed special actions...
Gambas, shrimps, Salmon, Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Albacore Tuna, Scallops and French Oysters are naturally the species on which R&O's teams place particular focus in terms of action. They are managed through "monitored production" in which R&O's commitment may go as far as capital control of production, as is the case for the production of Shrimp from Madagascar.
R&O also focuses its action on technical assistance to artisan producers from their fishing grounds up to the development of final products, based on R&O's quality requirements.

environmental excellence fishing

Thanks to the vertical integration of R&O Seafood Gastronomy, from the fishing grounds to our facilities, we offer a premium, original selection based on the following "Values":

  • Promotion of French responsible fishing, whether local, regional or artisanal: Coastal fish from the Mediterranean, Atlantic or English Channel. Seasonal products from the French fishing industry respecting the coasts and traditional methods.
  • Promotion of OSO® products, resulting from our own labelled production, a symbol of gastronomic and environmental excellence in Sustainable and Responsible aquaculture, which have Organic (Agriculture Biologique), Responsible Fishing (MSC) and Fair Trade (ETI) certification.
  • Guarantee of seafood traceability, care and exceptional freshness, meticulously inspected by the R&O Quality and Sustainable Development Department, which provides 24/7 monitoring through Email alerts:

As a guarantee that your products are sustainable and responsible, R&O invites you to consult the species guide published by Seaweb Europe.