École de Félix Foundation
Learn to grow

In Madagascar, near the aquaculture farm, beautiful brand-new buildings accommodate the children of the individuals working on the production of OSO® organic shrimp, and that's not all. For R&O, sustainable development also involves societal actions. Through the École de Félix Foundation, a recognised public-interest organisation, these children can receive an education, and their future has become a little brighter.

Seaweb / WWF
Preserve and exchange

The Tsingy National Park of Ankarana is a sort of paradise on Earth. OSO® has committed to preserving this site alongside the WWF, as well as the coastlines and mangroves. OSO® actively participated in the Shrimp Aquaculture Dialogue, created by the WWF, from its creation in 2007 to the development of standards for responsible shrimp aquaculture in 2014. This framework for exchanges allowed the leaders in shrimp aquaculture to build the future with full transparency, by reconciling performance, respect for the environment and people.

Involvement of professionals

Seaweb's Seafood Choices Alliance is dedicated to preserving the biodiversity and resources of seas and oceans. In 2001, it created the Seafood Choices Alliance, an international programme to help industry stakeholders make the market more sustainable in every dimension: environmental, economic and social. The organisation of meetings has paved the way for fruitful exchanges and the creation of innovative solutions. In 2009, through its subsidiary OSO®, R&O was honoured to receive the "Seafood Champion" distinction for its action in support of organic aquaculture and social integration.

Our recent actions

  • In 2006, OSO® was the partner of an international project for the protection of turtles in northwest Madagascar. Read more

  • Member of the 2012 Seafood Champion Jury

  • In 2012, OSO® supported the publication of the sustainable seafood directory for professionals (Guide des espèces Ă  l’usage des professionnels)

  • In 2012, signing of the Declaration of the Prince's Foundation in support of action for responsible fisheries. Read more

  • Co-organisation of a conference/debate on 26/11/2014 with the Ferrandi School and the NGO Seaweb's Seafood Choices Alliance on "Chefs and preservation of fishery resources"

  • SIRHA 2013, participation in the TV coverage – cooking and preservation of marine resources
    Awards ceremony for the "Olivier Roellinger" Competition at the OSO® stand during the 2013 trade show in Brussels with the kind participation of Maria Damanaki, member of the European Commission in charge of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, 2010-2014

  • In 2014, OSO® supported the 5th edition of the Seafood Europe sustainable seafood directory for professionals (Guide des espèces Ă  l’usage des professionnels)

  • In 2014, OSO® was a member of the Advisory Group for the MSC MOTs project
    Through its commitment to organic aquaculture, OSO® is a member of the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement)

  • OSO® advocates change in the "Agriculture Biologique" organic standards, supporting the inclusion of ambitious standards that are in line with the best practices available and take into account the most recent scientific data. We have built a strong relationship with NGOs, research institutes, the French authorities and the European Commission.

  • In 2014, OSO® was invited to participate in OrAqua, a multi-stakeholder scientific project which aims to make recommendations for the European Commission on standards for organic aquaculture.